Kinesics App Subscription is a tiered subscription model that is charged monthly. It includes professional access to range of motion measurement templates, Individual Data + Reporting, a Comparison Report for up to 3 people, program design, and Participant App access.
  • Kinesics App subscription tier determines the number of records that may be used in a one month period.
  • One record is used for an evaluation, assessment, and program design
  • A record is not used to update contact information, re-order current stretch programs, to generate, print, or email reports.
  • If a subscriber exceeds the tier's record allotment for the month, they will be offered the option to move up a Tier or pay the record overage at a price of $8.00 per record. Kinesics recommends that evaluations and program design occur in the same session to conserve record usage.

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Tier Records
per month/per practice
Cost Per Month
0-49 $294.00
50-99 $579.00
100-199 $1,134.00
200-299 $1,615.00
300-499 $2,545.00
500-699 $3,355.00
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